• Couldn't think of where else to post or just browsing?
    Might be best to start here.

  • You did what???
    Drop your stories, achievements or just about anything you get stoked about here.

  • Need gear advice or have some to share?
    From recommendations to stories about your wipeouts and how not to.

  • Working on something custom? Share here for all to see.
    Document your progress and share ideas!

  • Magic smoke got out again?
    Look around and see if someone's already figured it out, otherwise feel free to ask for help.

  • Got a board you want to sell or maybe you're looking to pickup a sweet deal?
    Check here and see if anyone's got your back.

  • Flux capacitor? Best I can do is a Hypercore Doc.
    Take a float down the archive (when I've finished it)

  • Got an idea to make the Forum better?
    I'm all ears, not brains though so bear with me~

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