That works :D
Made a few tweaks that seemed to take fine.

Changed the button text from <a> to <span> else it generates green link text because of the css which could be hard to read on the blue button. Tried to override it with some style but gave up and made it span instead :) Added <span>&nbsp;</span> after the </button> so it creates a little space between itself and the voting bit. Minor grammatical update to the missing post bit.

Full modified script below:


#!/usr/bin/perl =head1 NAME forum-archive - Put a google chached thread back together =cut use IO::Handle; use HTTP::Request; use LWP::UserAgent; use File::Copy; use File::Path; use File::Find; use Pod::Usage; use POSIX; my($HEADER, @POSTS, $FOOTER, $COUNT, $WEIRD); my(%META)=( 'base' => '', 'logo' => '', 'logo_ht' => '60', 'icon' => '', 'profiles' => '../../../assets/uploads/profile', 'resources' => '../../../assets/resources', 'system' => '../../../assets/uploads/system', ); my(%RESOURCES)=( 'fonts' => '', 'style' => '', 'broken' => '', ); my(%TOPICS)=(); my(%SEARCH_PATH)=(); =head1 SYNOPSIS forum_archive <directory1> [directory2] [directory3] [...] =head1 DESCRIPTION This script takes a set of files downloaded from the google page cache for the NodeBB forum and tries to put it back together. =head2 Content Management A small number of resources are available from the internet. B<forum_archive> will download these assets, if needed, for inclusion to the archive file structure. If assets have been downloaded recently (within the last day) then new downloads are not attempted. This should keep B<forum_archive> from slamming remote resources during testing phases. =cut sub wget { my($src, $asset, $dst)=@_; my($file)=IO::Handle->new; my($req)=HTTP::Request->new( 'GET' => $src ); my($get)=LWP::UserAgent->new; my($response); $asset=~s|^[/.]+||; if(!-s "$asset/$dst" || -M "$asset/$dst" > 1 ) { $response=$get->request($req); if($response->is_success) { File::Path::make_path($asset, { 'chmod' => 0755 }); open($file, '>', "$asset/$dst"); print $file $response->decoded_content; close($file); } } } =pod B<forum_archive> will dynamically create the C<assets> and C<topic> directory structures as needed to store content found within the post. In an effort to increase efficiency for commonly used content, such as avatars, actual copying of these files will not occur each time such content is seen, after its initial copy. =cut sub location { my($file)=@_; my($try); if(-r $file) { return($file); } else { foreach my $dir (keys(%SEARCH_PATH)) { $try=join('/', $dir, $file); return($try) if(-r $try); } } &wget($RESOURCES{'broken'}, $META{'resources'}, 'broken-file.png'); return(join('/', $META{'resources'}, 'broken-file.png')); } sub copy { my($src, $asset, $dst)=@_; $asset=~s|^[/.]+||; if(!-s "$asset/$dst" || -M "$asset/$dst" > 1 ) { File::Path::make_path($asset, { 'chmod' => 0755 }); File::Copy::copy(&location($src), "$asset/$dst"); } } =pod Avatar image are stored in a central location, shared by the entire archive. This lowers the space requirements of the archive and increases page load times and browser cache efficiency. =cut sub avatar { my($img)=@_; my($dst)=$img; $dst=~s|^.*/||; &copy($img, $META{'profiles'}, $dst); return(join('/', $META{'profiles'}, $dst)); } =pod Uploaded images which are stored in the archive may be named slightly differently on the archive than on the original. NodeBB has gone through a couple iterations about how to handle this conflict, and B<forum_archive> tries to handle this by using the more unique C<ALT> tag element parameter name. When that doesn't work, the original name is kept. Images are also grouped by post, to avoid naming conflicts between different posts. Additionally, if an image is referenced in a post, but is not contained in the archive, a standard broken file image is substituded. =cut sub upload { my($src, $alt)=@_; my($new)=$src; $new=~s|^.*/||; if($alt=~m/\.\w+$/) { $new=join('_', $META{'postid'}, $alt); } else { $new=join('_', $META{'postid'}, $new); } &copy($src, $META{'path'}, $new); return(sprintf('<img src="%s" alt="%s"', $new, $alt)); } =head2 Archive Display One major change in the archive from the original is the banner. The original banner is replaced by one tailored to the archive, to set it apart from the original forum and make it clear it is a wholly different entity. =cut sub banner { my($start, $img, $end)=@_; return($start.qq{ <div class="container"> <div class="navbar-header"> <a href=""> <img alt="The Archive homepage" src="$META{'logo'}" height="$META{'logo_ht'}"> </a> </div> <div class="navbar-header pull-right"> <p class="text-right" style="padding-top: 10px"> This page is an archived copy of the old Onewheel Forum. </p> </div> </div> }.$end); } =pod One of the differences which makes the archive different is, unfortunately, that some posts are missing. When this occurs, B<forum_archive> inserts a break in the timeline with a note about the message IDs which are absent. =cut sub missing_post { my($id)=@_; return(qq{ <li component="topic/necro-post" class=" necro-post timeline-event" data-index="$id"> <small class="timeline-text"> <span>Post(s) $id are missing from the archive :(</span><br /> <span> Know where these posts are? Visit <a href="">the new forum</a> for how to help get them added :) </span> </small> </li> }); } =pod Although most of this script works to remove unnecessary content from archive posts, one little thing is added. A button is added to help people copy a posts permalink to their clipboard to facilitiate sharing. =cut sub share_fn { return(qq{ <script> function shareButton(index) { navigator.clipboard.writeText("$META{'url'}#"+index); var tooltip = document.getElementById("shareTooltip"+index); tooltip.innerHTML = "Stoke Saved To Clipboard!"; setTimeout(function() { tooltip.innerHTML = "&nbsp; Share This Post! &nbsp;"; }, 3000); } </script> }); } sub share_btn { return(qq{ <button onclick="shareButton($META{'postid'})" class="btn btn-sm btn-primary"> <span class="tooltiptext" onclick="shareButton($META{'postid'});event.preventDefault();" id="shareTooltip$META{'postid'}" href="$META{'url'}#$META{'postid'}">&nbsp; Share This Post! &nbsp;</span> </button> <span>&nbsp;</span> }); } =pod An interactive, HTML5 based NodeBB forum requires a lot of javascript to work. Since the archive is a static copy of that data, all of the javascript is removed, and the archive works nearly identically on all platforms. =cut sub global { s|https?://|$META{'base'}|sg; s|<noscript>.*?</noscript>||sg; s|<script>.*?</script>||sg; s|<script .*?></script>||sg; s|\s+<div component="topic/reply/container" .*?</div>||s; s|\s+<a component="topic/reply/guest" .*?</a>||m; s|class="posts"|class="posts timeline"|mg; s|\n\n<hr>\n||sg; if(m|<span component="topic/post-count".*?>(\d+)</span>|m) { $COUNT=$1; } } =pod B<forum_archive> assumes that all the headers from all the source files are identical, and uses the first one it finds. With that content, the new banner is inserted, interactive metadata and buttons are removed, and the new style is setup. B<forum_archive> also collects important information like the page path and total message count. =cut sub header { local($_)=@_; #Cleanup to a reasonable starting header only s/(<ul component="topic" class="posts timeline" .*?>\s+).*$/$1/s; s/(<body .*?>).*$/$1/m; #Grab some important info if(m|<link rel="canonical" href="($META{'base'}(.*?))">|) { $META{'url'}=$1; $META{'path'}=$2; } #reset links #strip out unneeded content s|(<meta property="og:url" content=".*?)/\d+\?.*?">|$1">|mg; s|\s+<meta name="msapplication-\w+" .*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="icon" sizes=.*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="prefetch" .*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="prefetch stylesheet" .*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="manifest" .*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="search" .*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="apple-touch-icon" .*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="alternate" .*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="next" .*?>||sg; s|\s+<link rel="prev" .*?>||sg; s|(<link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href=").*?">|$1$META{'icon'}">|mg; &wget($RESOURCES{'style'}, $META{'resources'}, 'client-darkly.css'); s|<link rel="stylesheet" .*?>|<link rel="stylesheet" href="$META{'resources'}/client-darkly.css">\n\t<link rel="stylesheet" href="$RESOURCES{'fonts'}">|s; if(m|forum-logo" src="(.*?/site-logo.png)"|m) { &copy($1, $META{'system'}, 'site-logo.png'); s|forum-logo" src=".*?"|forum-logo" src="$META{'system'}/site-logo.png"|mg; } s|(<h1 component="post/header" .*?)>|$1 style="padding-top: 50px;">|m; s|\s+<section class="menu-section".*?</section>||s; #Insert new banner s|(<nav class="navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top header".*?>).*?<img alt="Onewheel Home Page" class=" forum-logo" src="(.*?)">.*?</nav>|&banner($1, $2, '</nav>')|se; #Remove unnecessary buttons s|\s+<a class="hidden-xs" target="_blank".*rss.*</a>||mg; s|\s+<div title="Sort by" .*?</div>||s; s|<li>[^RL]+<span>Register</span>.*?</li>||gs; s|<li>[^RL]+<span>Login</span>.*?</li>||gs; s|<a component="topic/reply/guest" .*?</a>\s*||s; s|<ol class="breadcrumb">.*?</ol>||s; s|<span class="hidden-xs">Loading More Posts</span> <i .*?</i>||mg; s|class="slideout-panel" style=".*?"|class="slideout-panel"|m; #s|<!--<base href=.*$||m; s|</style></head>.*$|</style>|m; s|\s+(<nav id="menu")|\n</head><body>\n$1|s; s|</head>|&share_fn.'</head>'|es; return($_); } =pod A lot of cleanup occurs within each forum post. Firstly, and with the javascript removed, all times are calculated and coded directly in UTC. Interactive buttons are removed, and links to content (such as user pages) not contained in the archive are also removed. Other interactive content (e.g. online status) is removed, too. Media, such as avatars and uploaded content is collected and placed properly into the new archive filesystem structures. =cut my(@MONTH)=qw( January February March April May June July August September October November December ); sub utctime { my($epoch)=int($_[0]/1000); my($sec, $min, $hr, $day, $month, $year, $wd, $jd, $dst)=gmtime($epoch); return(sprintf("%d %s %d, %02d:%02d UTC", $day, $MONTH[$month], $year+1900, $hr, $min)); } sub post { local($_)=@_; my($time); if(m/data-timestamp="(\d+)"/s) { #$time=POSIX::strftime("%e %B %Y, %H:%M UTC", gmtime($1/1000)); $time=&utctime($1); s|(><span class="timeago") title="(.+?)">|$1 title="$time" datetime="$2">$time|sg; } s|<span class="replies-last .*</span>||mg; s|<a component="post/parent" .*?>(.*?)</a>|$1|mg; s|<i component="user/status" .*?></i>||mg; s|<a href=".*?/user/.*?">(.*?)</a>|<span class="btn-link">$1</span>|sg; s|<a class="plugin-mentions-user .*?>(.*?)</a>|<span class="btn-link">$1</span>|mg; s|<a href="[^"]+/user/.*?">\s+(<span class="avatar.*?>)\s+</a>|$1|sg; s|(?<= component="user/picture" src=")([^"]+)|&avatar($1)|meg; s|(?<= component="avatar/picture" src=")([^"]+)|&avatar($1)|meg; s|<img src="(.*?)" alt="(.*?)"(?= \s*class="\s*img-responsive)|&upload($1, $2)|meg; s|<a (component="post/reply-count".*? href=").*?/(\d+)[?#].*?(".*?)>|<a $1#$2$3>|mg; s|\s+<i component="post/edit-indicator".*?</i>||mg; s|\s+<i class="fa fa-fw fa-chevron-right".*?</i>||mg; s|\s+<i class="fa fa-fw fa-chevron-down hidden".*?</i>||mg; s|\s+<i class="fa fa-fw fa-spin fa-spinner hidden".*?</i>||mg; s|\s+<small class="pull-right">\s+<span class="bookmarked">.*?</span>\s+</small>||sg; s|(?<= class="avatar" src=")([^"]+)|&avatar($1)|meg; s|(component="user/picture" data-uid="\d+" src=")([^"]+)|$1.&avatar($2)|meg; s|(<img component="user/picture")|$1 class="avatar avatar-sm2x avatar-rounded"|mg; s|(data-uid="\d+") class="user-icon"|$1 class="avatar avatar-sm2x avatar-rounded"|mg; s|(title="\w+") class="user-icon"|$1 class="avatar avatar-xs avatar-rounded"|mg; s|id="[^"]*google-cache-hdr"||sg; s|This is Google's cache of||sg; s|<a class="permalink" href=".*?">(.*?)</a>|<span class="text-muted pull-right">$1</span>|mg; s|\s+<span component="post/tools".*?</span>||sg; s|<a component="post/\w+vote" .*?>\s+(.*?)</a>\s+|$1|sg; s|<span class="votes">|<span class="votes text-muted">|mg; s|\s+<span>\s+</span>||sg; s|\s+<span class="visible-xs-inline-block [^>]+>\s+</span>||sg; s|<small data-editor="[^"]*" .*?</small>\s+||sg; s|\s+<span class="bookmarked"><i class="fa fa-bookmark-o"></i></span>||sg; s|(<span class="visible-xs-inline-block[^>]+>)(\s+<span class="text-muted pull-right"><span.*?</span></span>)(.*?</span>)|$1$3</small>\n<small class="pull-right">$2|sg; s|<span class="post-tools">|'<span class="post-tools">'.&share_btn|es; return($_); } =pod Similarly to the header, the HTML after all the posts is based on the first file seen and removes some of the content better suited to an interactive stite than a static, archive site. =cut sub footer { local($_)=@_; s|<div class="progress-bar"></div>||s; s|<div class="spinner" role="spinner"><div .*?</div></div>||s; s|<div id="nprogress">.*?</div></div></div>||s; return($_); } =head2 Data Import Process Each downloaded F<.html> file from the forum is read and separated into 3 sections, a header, a list of posts, and a footer. The first file's header will be processed and used as the archive files header, same with the footer. Each post is pulled into an array. If a post occurs in multiple downloaded cache files, then the last one read is kept. Each one is processed and prepared for the final archive topic. =cut sub ingest { my($source)=@_; my($html)=IO::Handle->new; my($move, $category_url, $category); local($/)="\n\t\t\t\t</li>\n\t\t\t"; open($html, '<', $source); while(<$html>) { &global; if(m/^<!DOCTYPE html>/) { if(m/class="nprogress-busy"/) { $WEIRD=0; } else { $WEIRD=1; } if(!$HEADER || !$WEIRD) { $HEADER=&header($_); } s/^.*<ul component="topic" class="posts timeline" .*?>\s+\n//s; } if(m|</html>$|) { if(!$FOOTER || !$WEIRD) { $FOOTER=&footer($_); if($FOOTER=~s|(<div class="post-bar">.*\n<hr>\n\t\t</div>)||s) { $move=$1; ($category)=($HEADER=~m|<meta property="article:section" content="(.*?)">|m); ($category_url)=($HEADER=~m|<link rel="up" href="(.*?)">|m); $category=~s/&amp;/&/g; $HEADER=~s|</h1>\n|</h1>\n$move|s; $HEADER=~s|<div class="tags pull-left">.*<div class="topic-main-buttons pull-right">|<div class="topic-main-buttons pull-left"><a href="$category_url">$category</a>|s; $HEADER=~s|class="stats hidden-xs"|class="stats text-muted"|mg; $HEADER=~s|(<span component="topic/post-count" class="human-readable-number" title="\d+">\d+</span>)<br>\s+<small>Posts</small>|<i class="fa fa-fw fa-pencil" title="Posts"></i>$1|s; $HEADER=~s|(<span class="human-readable-number" title="\d+">\d+</span>)<br>\s+<small>Views</small>|<i class="fa fa-fw fa-eye" title="Views"></i>$1|s; } } last; } if(m/data-index="(\d+)"/) { $META{'postid'}=$1; $POSTS[$META{'postid'}]=&post($_); } } close($html); } =head2 Execution The script expects a directory structure of HTML files which have valid links to media files. Other than that, it is pretty agnostic about the structure of the directory. It will read the header to find out what the name of the document should be, create it, and write to it. In addition to processing archived posts, a special post is inserted for anything missing. B<forum_archive> will also produce a report on F<STDOUT> with information on missing posts. =cut sub process { my($html)=IO::Handle->new; my($posts, $total)=(0, 0); my(@missing)=(); $HEADER=""; @POSTS=(); $FOOTER=""; $COUNT=0; foreach my $entry (@_) { &ingest($entry); } for(my $i=0; $i<$COUNT; $i++) { if(!exists($POSTS[$i])) { my($begin); for($begin=$i; !exists($POSTS[$i+1]) && $i<$COUNT; $i++) { $posts++; $total++; } if($i==$begin) { $POSTS[$i]=&missing_post($i); } else { $POSTS[$i]=&missing_post("$begin-$i"); push(@missing, "$begin-$i"); } $posts++; } $total++; } if($total) { printf("%s, Total: %d, Coverage: %d%%, Missing: %s\n", $META{'path'}, $total, (1-$posts/$total)*100, join(' ', @missing) || 'None'); } else { printf("%s, Total: %d\n", $META{'path'}, $total); } File::Path::make_path($META{'path'}, { 'chmod' => 0755 }); open($html, '>', join('/', $META{'path'}, 'index.html')); print $html $HEADER; print $html @POSTS; print $html $FOOTER; close($html); } if($ARGV[0] =~ m/^-+h/i) { pod2usage(-verbose => 2, -exitval => 0); } elsif(! -d $ARGV[0]) { pod2usage(-verbose => 1, -exitval => 0); } find(sub { $File::Find::prune=1 if(m/^assets$/); $File::Find::prune=1 if(m/^topic$/); if(m/(\d+)\s+.*\.html$/) { push(@{$TOPICS{$1}}, $File::Find::name); $SEARCH_PATH{$File::Find::dir}=1; } }, @ARGV); foreach my $topic (sort({ $a <=> $b } keys(%TOPICS))) { &process(sort(@{$TOPICS{$topic}})); } =head1 NOTES B<forum_archive> is basically a conglomeration of regular expressions. This is by no means the best way to manage and manipulate complext HTML files. However, given the static nature of this content and its relative complexity, using regular expressions requires a substantially smaller code base and interpretation of the original source files. Essentially, in this case, it is too much easier to strip out the junk you know you don't want than to understand the entire document schema fully enough to make the meaningful changes the right way. =pod

Had too adjust the css and start migrating assets off the old format so if pages load funny force a cache refresh by pressing CTRL+F5.

Also... made a custom 404 page ;)