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  • RE: Followup to the Onewheel XS

    Been buuuuuuuuuuuusy ^-^

    You know those pics of a human nervous system laid bare (if not don't look it's nightmare fuel). This sorta reminds me of it.

    Didn't want to carve out space for pulldown resistors on the footpad so I managed to bake them onto the pins right off the VESC.

    Defo not going over the top with detailing things you won't see. I just had to even if it's not 100% accurate. It's hard to appreciate how tiny this thing is. I had to use the macro zoom.

    Was testing griptape and a printed footpad which worked great! Decided to tease it in this pic I put up on Insta the other day.

    In preparation for casting some parts I got a vacuum chamber and pump. Managed to get the pair separate real cheap on eBay second hand ^-^

    Also making some progress on the footpads. There are more jigs to make these than anything else on this iteration of the XS.



    You must ruin a lot of material to get even a tiny bit of experience and skill using a scroll saw. Honestly these things are evil but a band saw is scary and I'm running out of space/money 😅

    There are a bunch more processes needed to finish these so I made some spare in case something went wrong and I had to redo some. Learnt from last time :3

    This morning though things really ramped up. I got my CNC parts delivered. These.... cost quite a bit but honestly they were worth it. Let it be known a board half the size is not half the price even at cost.

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  • RE: Hacksmith's fuel powered Onewheel

    @lemur That would be extremely popular on a group ride cross country

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  • Hacksmith's fuel powered Onewheel

    Ego batteries on the fender are out. Lil 3hp engine and a big tank are in.
    Bogdan from Hacksmith Industries gave into that intrusive thought some of us have definitely had.

    It's er... loud 😅 But the estimated range is frankly unbeatable.

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  • RE: Help a fellow Pint owner, maybe?

    @franko I don't have access to my reddit account (no idea why lol its not logging in) but I can only imagine it's something internal.
    I would pop the front first and see if the button/nut look fine before digging deeper. Jumping the pins on the button connector can rule out the button.

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  • RE: Slow and steady wins the race

    Today I went up a particularly steep section of trail that my old CBXR could just barely make. There is this one root where it is best to deweight over and push the nose down with your toe. I did the same routine today on my 18S2P VESC, and it had enough power that I ended up getting air and bonking it! Probably only a couple inches of air, but that felt exhilarating.


    I have tried the hill on my GT, but it struggles due to clearance issues.

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  • RE: VOW Vesc'd GT is insane!

    @notsure I'm starting to wonder when we'll hit the upper limit of what this form factor can do before we start making boards a little longer and wider.

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  • RE: Ubox100 XR and Pint build

    @lemur Bet that lid absorbs so much heat and keeps the fets nice and cool!
    How many boards you up to now or do you recycle parts often?

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  • RE: VOW Vesc'd GT is insane!

    In case you didn't catch it the follow up to the prior vid dropped the other day from TFL. A range test vs a GTS... or two.

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  • OneDanX leaving Hawaii - For sale with shipping deal

    Hey everyone

    After posting my Pint X and contacting the local floating group here in Hawaii, the OneDanX hasn't gotten any firm offers. I'm planning to ship it back to CA where it should garner a bit more interest.

    That's where the deal comes in: I'm offering free shipping to the lower 48 US states or $50 shipping anywhere else to members of this forum. Asking $800. Will be sent to CA in about 2 weeks, so this is a limited time offer. :)

    You can find pics of my board here on the forum, but here are the details:

    • Pint X with under 900 miles - purchased in Feb 2022
    • Hoosier treaded tire installed on day 1, in great shape
    • Original tire included, if it will fit in the box
    • Purple TFL rail guards
    • Two C&R magnetic fenders included: one purple palms and one flat black - both in like new condition
    • Black FM aluminum handle installed, original plastic handle included
    • Original box and shipping box included
    • Brand new battery replaced by FM last fall to fix wiring issue. Currently stored at around 50%
    • Latest firmware (yes, haptic buzz, not that I've ever felt it)
    • Stand included, again, if it will fit in the box, lol

    Quick pic for those that are search challenged:

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  • RE: Onewheel Photoshoot Thread

    Midnight prowl around Towcester.
    IMG_16292 (e).jpg

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