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  • RE: More progress on gen3 suspension board

    @lemur Your suspension builds are always so clean and professional!

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  • RE: Im looking for a replacement tire for a my one wheel pint

    I have to add another vote for the Enduro from TFL for the pint the pint enduro is a really nice replacement I had it when I had my pint X and I really loved it.

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  • RE: In The Wild, Photo Share (If Possible To Capture).... Keep Your OneWheel In The Shot If You Can.

    3 absolutely stunning pics from Sam on a group ride around Wales me and a number of other riders participated in 🥰




    I may need to get some prints of these.

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  • RE: XR bms wrong cell group reading

    @weno66 I'm not seeing anything that stands out as wrong. Could you compare resistances between components and traces to see if any are abnormal on the faulty group compared to one that seems fine.

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  • RE: Cast 5" MTE hub now available from TFL..

    I'm interested in one of these as long as the tire selection is decent. CNC cost sorta put me off even trying so a cast version seems appealing.

    Contrary to popular opinion but I've tried some aftermarket GT tires and I don't like them. Ride horrible compared to my old stock treaded that's been worn in a little. It's just that damn side wall isn't big enough for me not to bang the rim when nudging or dropping 💀

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  • RE: XR bms wrong cell group reading

    @weno66 Could you share a pic of the BMS? Ideally around IC1.

    This one

    I've noticed bad cell readings that are not the battery tend to be a broken solder joint on caps C1-C15 or they're just dead. Easy to do removing a port like the XT60 and slamming them accidentally on removal.

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  • RE: Cast 5" MTE hub now available from TFL..

    Maybe the brain trust here can help me out. I have a lot of questions about the MTE's and the various options. If anyone happens to know the answer to any of these questions, I would love to hear it. I was meaning to ask TFL, but if I can get some answers here it could help a lot of people out and help me write more knowledgeable questions to TFL.

    • Does an MTE (billet and/or cast) affect motor temperature in any known way. Probably not appreciably, but maybe they designed it with heat transfer in mind and it does a better job. It looks like the hub sticks out further past the bearing, this might be for heat dissipation, I don't know. Conversely, maybe the less external surface area causes it to be hotter. Maybe the aluminum is different, and they chose the one with the best thermal transfer. If anyone has ideas, please let me know.
    • Does anyone know if they plan to do a cast for XR hubs?
    • How do the Magnets affect heat (if at all)? N52 are torquier and slower. Do they take more, less, or the same amount of current? I would trade some top-end speed for torque, but not if I had to sacrifice range and increase motor heat.
    • Does anyone have a tire they really like for a 5" rim? I generally haven't liked TFL tires, so I'm not sure I would want to restrict my options.

    Ever since the heat dome moved in, I have spent a lot of time between 75°C and 85°C and I'm trying to make that better, not worse. Thanks in advance.

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  • RE: Onewheel GT with faint beep from the controler

    @heitor That's a weird one. Can't say I've heard of this one before and I can't hear the beep in the video sadly.

    The BMS only gets the firmware corruption error if the battery is unplugged from the BMS. Controller side it's fine. The fact it at least beeps a little suggests the power connectors are still seated enough to initially do something.

    Since the GTV kit is on the way there isn't much harm in popping the lid to the battery and using a multimeter to test the voltage off the battery just to be sure it's not low just in case (Just be sure not to remove the battery connector from the BMS). The charger can't guarantee it actually charged the board.

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  • RE: Onewheel GT with faint beep from the controler

    @heitor Hiya~
    Does the GT not turn on at all anymore even with the charger connected?
    I'm wondering if you can get the app to connect to provide an error code.

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  • RE: Watching Action on the Leaderboards

    @hanahsdax -- Daystreak #1's in both the GT and GT-S!!! Congratulations!!! A screenshot of your app would look impressively good!

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